JKA Sunshine Coast

JKA Sunshine Coast started in January 2015 as a new branch of JKA Australia.

Students of all ages and levels are welcome. We currently have children from 5 years upwards training and of all belt levels. Beginners are often integrated with the higher belts and adults to gain the benefit of experience and teachings.

Focussing on traditional aspects and values of shotokan karate-do, our training involves the original ideas and foundations implemented by Master Gichin Funakoshi using modern science, bodydynamics and movement which results in an efficient and powerful self-defence centred martial art.

In conjunction with our body movements, our karate training also focusses on “budo” mindset. Our budo approach to training ensures all students are prepared in the chance that their karate will need to be used in the ‘real world’.

JKA Sunshine Coast is a not-for-profit organisation.

JKA Shotokan Karate Sunshine Coast

JKA Australia

The purpose of JKAA is to develop and promote JKA Shotokan karate in Australia. The standards taught are of the highest level in keeping with the technical requirements set by JKA HQ.

Our goal is to maintain these standards, to grow and to help all our students achieve their personal goals and aspirations.

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Noel Moralde

  • JKA 2nd Dan
  • Head Instructor Sunshine Coast

Noel started his training at age 6 and has studied several martial arts including Aikido and various styles of Shotokan before finding his passion in JKA Shotokan where he now studies under Pol O’Sleibhin Sensei and Greg Symons Sensei.

Pol O’Sleibhin

  • JKA 5th Dan
  • 35 years of training
  • Head Instructor at The Grange, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

Greg Symons

  • JKA 4th Dan
  • Multiple JKA Australian champion
  • Trained under Takahashi Shunsuke Sensei
  • Instructor at The Grange, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

Takaatsu Nishimura Shihan

  • JKA 7th Dan
  • JKA Australia Chief Instructor